Allen Campaign Colludes to Weaponize Judicial System


Here's the story. Michael Allen's campaign colluded with Jill Gaebler and Jim Bensberg to file a complaint with the DA's office for the purpose of derailing my campaign. Since Gaebler and Bensberg are two of Allen's biggest supporters, they didn't want their names associated with the complaint, so they solicited Doug Bruce to file the complaint. Bruce filed the complaint with the 4th Judicial District Attorney's office, who sent it to the 10th Judicial District Attorney's office. Gaebler, who was staking out my house herself, was collaborating with Allen's campaign and pushed the Gazette to write a story. I found out a complaint had been filed, not by an official source, but by a reporter. To be clear, the complaint was rejected without merit. 

Here's the problem: both Allen and Gaebler hold positions of authority. Government officials with such tremendous authority have an obligation to protect and defend the citizens they serve. As an attorney and local elected leader, I have the capacity to fight back against such egregious abuses of power, but what about the average citizen? Who's there to protect them when a deputy district attorney or a City Council member abuses their power? Please reach out to Michael Allen, Jill Gaebler, Jim Bensberg, and Doug Bruce, and tell them this abuse of the criminal justice system is completely unacceptable, especially for someone running for District Attorney.

Mark Waller

To read the complete report from the Pueblo DA's investigator, click here.